WATER CHEMISTRY MAINTAINING THE PROPER pH BALANCE The pH factor is a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity in the water. It is measured on a scale of 1 to 14. Pure water has a value of 7, which is neutral. Any value above 7 is alkaline, and any value below 7 is acidic. You should maintain a slightly alkaline pH level, between 7.2 and 7.8, in the hydrotherapy spa. Severe problems can occur when the pH balance is not maintained within this range. If the pH level exceeds 7.8, dissolved minerals can build up and clog the plumbing in the spa jet unit. If the pH level falls below 7.2, the acid level in the water will begin to corrode the metal parts in the spa jet unit. Also, the sanitation agents in the water will not be effective if the pH level is not properly maintained. Damage caused by improper pH levels is not covered under the warranty. To maintain the proper pH level, you should test the pH of the water regularly. To test the water, purchase a pH test kit at a pool and spa supplier. The pH reading should be between 7.2 and 7.8. If the level is too low, add a pH increaser (usually soda ash). If the level is too high, add a pH reducer (usually sodium bisulfate). Test the water again after five minutes. See the instructions with your pH test kit for additional information about testing and adjusting the pH.

PRODUCT WARRANTY This section is a description of your warranty. Here you will find descriptions of what is covered under your warranty and what can void your warranty. For warranty outside USA and Canada, please refer to your countries Lava Spas Distributor. 

SEVEN YEAR STRUCTURE WARRANTY Lava Spas spas carry a 7 year structure warranty. The structure is defined as the metal frame inside the cabinet. The manufacturer warrants the spa against loss of water due to a defect in the spa shell for 3 years. In the event of a defect in the material and/or workmanship, the spa shell will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer. THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER, AND TERMINATES UPON TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS AND ALL WARRANTIES. If the spa frame is defective and must be repaired, it will either be repaired on site by a qualified repairmen or the spa will be returned to the factory. If returned to the factory for repairs, the original installed equipment (this includes the frame, skirt, and all equipment) will be reinstalled. If new equipment is desired, there will be additional charges to the customer. If the frame and/or skirt of the spa has been badly damaged during transport, there will be additional charges to the spa owner for repairs or replacement. When a spa needs to be returned to the factory for repair, the cost of one way freight to the company will be at the spa owner’s expense. The manufacturer will not pay for removal, installation, cranes, construction, de-construction, or any other cost associated with access, egress, or ingress, of the spa at the customer’s home. The manufacturer reserves the right to an on-site inspection by its authorized representative. In the unlikely event a shell or spa must be replaced, all warranties (structure, shell, equipment) date back to the original date of delivery 

THREE YEAR SHELL WARRANTY The spa shell is described as the exposed material finish. The manufacturer warrants the spa shell to be free from defects in the material and workmanship, such as blistering, cracking, or delaminating, under normal use and maintenance for a period of three years from the original date of delivery. THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER, AND TERMINATES UPON TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS AND ALL WARRANTIES. The spa must be set on a level solid surface that is sufficient to support the entire length and width of the spa. Standard building practices must be followed. Damage caused by failure to have a leveled and supported foundation under the spa is not covered under warranty. The manufacturer does not warrant problems associated with prolonged exposure to the sun and/or use of any sanitization or ozone system not approved by the manufacturer. Damage to the spa surface caused by leaving the spa uncovered and empty of water with direct sunlight exposure will terminate this warranty. Any alteration to any system, either electrical, plumbing, or mechanical, or over use of chemicals, or any other problems caused by external source are not covered under warranty. Other exclusions may apply. Please read the warranty thoroughly. Normally problems associated with material and workmanship can and will be repaired. If the spa surface is repaired, the repair is limited to the affected area only, and there is no guarantee against discoloration of fading. The decision to repair will be made by the manufacturer and its field representative after a review of the facts, pictures, or any other data presented by the dealer or customer. In all cases, pictures of the affected area and foundation or the spa must be provided before any decisions to repair or replace can be made. In the unlikely event a shell or spa must be replaced, all warranties ( shell, surface, electrical and plumbing) date back to the original date of delivery. If it is determined that the surface is to be replaced, the same conditions and terms as outlined in the shell warranty will apply. 

TWO YEAR EQUIPMENT WARRANTY (i.e., pumps, equipment packs, heaters, topside, etc.) The MANUFACTURER warrants all electrical equipment to be free from defect in material and workmanship for TWO-years from date of delivery. THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER AND TERMINATES UPON TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS AND ALL WARRANTIES. The stereo, speakers, L.E.D. lighting, and Ozone are not included in this warranty but are covered under a separate warranty. Damage caused by acts of nature, poor water chemistry, and/or improper maintenance will not be covered under this warranty. Alterations or replacements of components installed in the spa that are not purchased and/or approved by the MANUFACTURER, including incorrect wiring, will terminate the complete spa warranty. 

ONE YEAR CABINET WARRANTY The spa cabinet is described as the outer material encasing the spa structure. The manufacturer warrants it to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship for one year. THIS WARRANTY IS GIVEN ONLY TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER, AND TERMINATES UPON TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS ARE EXCLUDED FROM THIS AND ALL WARRANTIES. This warranty does not cover normal darkening, staining, or aging. The spa cabinet requires care and maintenance by the consumer. Damage caused by weather, poor water chemistry, and/or improper maintenance will not be covered under this warranty. 

ONE YEAR LABOR Repair or part replacement labor is covered from the date of delivery excluding dealer travel fee, service call fee or diagnostic labor. 

OTHER ITEMS NOT COVERED IN THIS WARRANTY Some items are not covered in this warranty. These items either have a different warranty, or are warranted through the manufacturer of that item;

STEREO AND STEREO COMPONENTS The stereo and stereo components, including speakers, sub woofer, power supply, wire harness, and remote control are covered for 30 days from the date of delivery. This warranty does not cover damage to a stereo or stereo component from abuse, poor reception, or damage caused by putting a wet CD into the stereo. If a stereo is replaced under this warranty, the manufacturer reserves the right to replace the unit with another like unit, but not necessarily the same stereo manufacturer. No spa will be replaced for a failed stereo. The stereo does not affect the performance of the spa. 

SPA COVER The spa cover manufacturer warrants the spa cover for one year excluding shipping charges.

OZONATOR The ozonator is covered for one year from the date of delivery. 

LIGHTING The lighting is guaranteed to work upon delivery. Due to the nature of light bulbs there is no warranty covering the lighting or lightbulbs of any kind.

PERFORMANCE In the event of any defect covered by this LIMITED warranty, a Lava Spas LLC, authorized agent will correct such defect within the terms and conditions contained herein. There will be no charge for parts or labor within the above terms. However, travel charges that occur will not be covered under terms and conditions by the warranty. If it is determined by Lava Spas LLC that the repair of the product is not feasible, a replacement spa equal to the value of the original purchase price will be provided. Cost for removal of the defective spa and delivery and installation of the replacement spa is the responsibility of the homeowner and will not under any circumstances be covered by Lava Spas LLC.

 LIMITATIONS This warranty is void if this Lava Spas Spa has been subjected to alteration, misuse, or repairs have been performed by anyone other than an authorized agent of Lava Spas LLC. Misuse or abuse is defined as: use of the spa in a nonresidential application, water temperature outside the range of 32 degrees F to 110 degrees F, damage caused by clogged or dirty filter cartridges, damage to the spa from an absence of a hard cover, damage to components from improper pH, use of any type of acid, or from chemical imbalance. ACTS OF NATURE are not covered under this warranty. 

WHAT IS NOT COVERED UNDER YOUR WARRANTY The following is a general overview of non-warranty items and work. This is not an all-inclusive list. Diagnosis of Spa and/or Service Call Fee, Fuses, Light Bulbs of Any Kind, Removing a Spa from a Structure, Moving the Spa to Gain Access For Warranty Service, Pillows, Filters, Chemical Misuse / Damage, Filter Lids, Any Part not Purchased from Lava Spas, Jet Inserts, Valve Handles, Pump Seals, Draining and filling the Spa, Acts of Nature, Travel Charges, Cabinet Screws, Incorrect Wiring, Shipping Charges. All other warranty coverage or reimbursement is solely at Lava Spas and/or the dealers discretion. 

DISCLAIMER LAVA SPAS LLC, or its agent shall not be liable for any injury, cost or other damage, whether incidental or consequential, arising out of any defect covered by the LIMITED WARRANTY. The liability of Lava Spas LLC under this LIMITED WARRANTY shall not exceed the original amount paid for the spa. Any alteration of the spa that has not been pre-authorized by the manufacturer will void all warranties. If the manufacturer approves an alteration, verify that this alteration is covered under warranty. Damage caused by moving a spa that is blocked in or that has been recessed, along with additional charges for labor, is not covered by this warranty.




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